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Ferns Productions Inc. produces blue chip factual mini-series, feature films and television drama. Following the four-hour, Gemini award-winning Australia-Canada co-production Captain Cook: Obsession and Discovery, Pat Ferns produced the three-hour Australia-Canada co-production Darwin’s Brave New World for CBC’s The Nature of Things. The series received critical acclaim and won the Silver Dragon at China’s prestigious Dragon Awards. The company has also produced a five-hour version for Arte in France and Germany.

Ferns Productions Inc. has a rich development slate primarily targeted at the co-production marketplace including Whale Talk, a Franco-German co-production for CBC and Radio Canada, and Second Cities, an inter-provincial co-production with Alberta’s Chatterson Motion for Illinois Public Media.

Ferns Productions Inc. is providing the services of Pat Ferns to Aarrow Productions as Executive Producer of 1491: A New History of The Americas, an eight-hour docu-drama series; and as Producer/Writer to Holgate Production House, for China Transformed, for which a one-hour pilot has been completed.

Ferns Productions helped to finance The Shipsinkers for National Geographic Channels International and wrote and produced China’s Hollywood, a China-France co-production involving Beijing’s CultureLink Media.

Pat Ferns is an International Consultant to Israel’s CoPro 18 and to three Chinese events: CCDF-7, CICSEP and GZDOC.

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