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DARWIN'S BRAVE NEW WORLD — Available now on DVD!
Docudrama - Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution may never have been brought forward if it were not for a voyage to the Southern Hemisphere. Darwin’s Brave New World recounts the extraordinary and often harrowing story of Charles Darwin’s 30-year struggle to piece together the mystifying puzzle he saw in nature, and finally publish his theory about the evolution of life on earth. [More details here.]

2 DVD set - 3 x 43 minute Episodes NTSC ONLY,
with bonus materials. Narrated by David Suzuki.
As seen on CBC’s ‘The Nature of Things’.
$30.00 + taxes and shipping.
HMS Beagle
The Expanded Edition of Darwin’s Brave New World is the basis of the Arte/ZDF version as shown in France and Germany. This edition features extended interview segments with scientific contributors such as Richard Dawkins, David Suzuki, Iain McCalman, James Moore, Janet Browne, Steven Hopper, Jerry Coyne, Michael Ruse, Dolph Schluter, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Mick Clout and others.

This three- DVD set also has extended dramatic sequences not seen by North American audiences. The Expanded Edition is the definitive version of the miniseries about how the Southern Hemisphere inspired the most controversial idea in science.

3 DVD set – 5 x 43 minute Episodes NTSC ONLY
$45.00 + taxes and shipping
Evolve T-shirt
New to our Ferns Productions store is a collection of T-shirts evocative of Darwin's Brave New World and, of course, the Ferns Productions brand. CLICK HERE  to go to our T-shirt boutique for additional images as well as details on sizes and ordering.
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Ferns Logo T-shirt
Crew Limited Edition T-shirt
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Captain Cook
DocuDrama - 187 minutes. Gemini and Leo Award winner. Journey around the world in the wake of one of the greatest explorers of all time - James Cook. The Complete Four part Mini-Series as seen in Canada on History Television in a 2 DVD collector's set. $35.00 + taxes and shipping. [More details here.]
China's Hollywood
Documentary - 50 minutes. Exploring the rise of Chinese cinema since "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" walked off with the 4 Oscars, including Best Foreign Language Film in 2001. From actors Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li to directors Stephen Chow and John Woo and from legends like Jackie Chan to showcasing the hottest new talent. The story of the extraordinary rise of China's Hollywood is told through the words of those who made it happen.$12.99 + taxes and shipping.
Documentary - 50 minutes. Highly rated pilot episode examining the challenges faced by a team of ecologists and high-explosive experts as they clean and sink decommissioned military vessels to create artificial reefs. $16.99 + taxes and shipping. [More details here.]
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